The word Wanderlust is defined as strong desire to wander and explore the world.

We have passionately travelled far and wide, inspired by a quest for all things new and different, to bring together the best costume jewellery and accessories we can find.

Wanderlust was founded in 2013 by Sarin Vongkusolkit, aka Pinggu, who has been collecting jewellery and trinkets since she was young. She felt that the market should be more exposed to unique jewellery and accessories and she wanted everyone to have more fun matching or adding these pieces to their looks.

Our Bangkok-based, multi-label brand thus offers a jewellery wonderland to an increasingly sophisticated Thai and international markets seeking statement jewellery and accessories. Wanderlust is the answer to those seeking new and unique pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Each of the brands we carry has been carefully selected from the source for its, exclusivity, artistic style and originality. This includes brands from all over the world. Never one to stand still, our range of brands will be constantly evolving with new discoveries and each season.